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The Treadle On Flea Market is open to TreadleOn subscribers. It is free; there is no fee or commission.

Please read the following before sending in your listing request!

Listing Requirements

The Treadle On Flea Market is a convenience for members of Treadle On. Due to the size of the group and some difficulties that have been experienced, we must limit submissions to members. When submitting a listing, please do so only under the email address that you use for your membership and include the statement:

"I am a member of TreadleOn and would like to post the following listing"

Listings may be verified against the membership list and may be refused if a match cannot be found. Members are responsible for maintaining a solid reputation in their dealings with other members. While Treadle On assumes no liability regarding these ads or transactions between private parties, we may refuse listings if complaints are received.

Please carefully review the following guidelines before submitting your listing:

All listings must be for sewing-related items and clearly priced and available for direct sale to subscribers.

Do not list items that are actually for sale elsewhere, i.e. live auctions or Craigs list - they are against TreadleOn guidelines. Make sure your items are "on subject"; to our theme: sewing- or quilting-related, antique and vintage, especially treadle and crank.

Try to keep your listings fairly brief. If you have a lot of something, such as several attachments or books, you can simply say so, and add "email for list".
Interested parties can email you for details.
Or you can send me a list and I'll make a page, if that will work better for you..

Depending on current page status and available website space, you may have ONE photo per listing. You may, however, give links to pictures or more extensive listings on your site.

Be sure your listing clearly shows a valid email address so you can be contacted, along with your general location so interested parties will know where you are. Shipping is a critical factor on treadles and bentwoods, so knowing the location is important.

You should also include "TreadleOn Flea Market Listing" or just "Flea Market Listing" in the subject line of your email. If your subject line does not display this, or there is no subject line at all, the listing could very well be missed and wouldn't be posted.

It would help immensely if you could type your information in the order shown below, making sure that all information is complete and correct:

  1. Description of what you are looking for or looking to sell
  2. Link to photo(s) (optional)
  3. Your name
  4. Your general location
  5. Your email address
  6. One photo attached to the email - NO ZIP FILES please
  7. NOTE - If it's up on eBay or Craigslist, I may not put it here
Please keep in mind that I don't have a lot of extra time to compose your listing for you, and I really do not wish to be responsible for the wording.
PLEASE compose your listing exactly as you would like it to appear and send it to me as PLAIN TEXT in the body of your email, not as a document attached to your email.
DO NOT send machine code or formatted text, please

To have a listing posted in the Flea Market, send your email directly to Helen Howes not to the TreadleOn list...

Finally, and because I have the working memory of a small marmoset, I post listings as they come in.
Listings will remain posted and current for about two months. To renew for an additional period, just send the original listing request to me with instructions. If you sell it, let me know, or I'll be moderately rude to you in an email

Disclaimer to Flea Market buyers: In the event you have an unsatisfactory experience with a Flea Market transaction, please communicate first directly with the seller. If that does not produce satisfaction, send copies of the advertising notice and subsequent posts to me. We cannot control the actions of sellers, nor can we accept responsibility for "making good" on anything they do. However, in the event that there are repeated concerns regarding someone, we will simply stop accepting listings from that person. Let's hope that never happens.

If have any questions, email Helen Howes
Last updated: Tuesday 27th February 2018