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How To Make A TOGA (Treadleon Gathering and Academy)

Since we have a lot of new members (we are up to 1,270 as of February 2016) a word about TOGAs.

All are independent and it's up to the hostess or organizers how they want to set it up & run it - no official rules or permissions needed.
Just find a location and pick a date and plan what you want to do!!

Some are 3-4 days others are a one day event.

Some are annual events and others are a one shot deal.

Some are big - the River Rat and others run around 50 TOGAteers others are just a few - it makes no difference. Where 2 or 3 are gathered in the name of TreadleOn, you have a TOGA!! Send the information to Helen Howes (see bottom of this page) so she can include your event on the Flea Market events page.

At the River Rat TOGA I use a local church with a wonderful kitchen as a venue
We have a huge raffle of donated items that pays the expenses.
I do a turkey dinner/banquet on Saturday night but that's not essential. I feel that no one should have to pay to attend a TOGA but that's just my thoughts and we depend on the raffle to pay for the church, dinner, etc.
I've been known to shake folks down a bit to buy more raffle tickets but that doesn't happen often.
I tell my ticket sellers when weve made enough to cover expenses and we can stop selling. We do both quilting type demos and those related to working on treadles & hand cranks.

A really popular one last year - I had Bob & Anne Oelke & Nancy Drew do a demo of restoring a treadle & cabinet - it turned into a bit of a panel discussion with all of us sharing our tips & tricks and the only problem we had was that we ran out of time so I'm scheduling it for 3-4 hours this year.

Actually, I do the Saturday night dinner because this is a small town and in the early days, I couldn't get any of our restaurants to take a group our size on a Saturday night.

Some TOGAs do a Pot Luck but since I'm the only local that doesn't work for us but may for others.
Just for the record, I do two big turkeys and get the rest of the stuff - potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, buns, etc. from the deli at the grocery store. It always runs me around $5/head - something I surely couldn't do at any restaurant, so its a money-saver too.

If anyone wants to bring something, I suggest desserts or munchies for throughout the TOGA.

As an aside, Pastor Dave from the Congregational Church was a bit ambivalent about having us the first year we were there but really had no choice as we got evicted from my church at the last minute - (I was actually at the MSP airport picking up The Captain) due to a funeral.

I told my TOGAteers that I wanted the place cleaner than when we got there and on Monday, Pastor Dave was marveling at how he couldn't even tell we had been there and how neat & clean we left it! We've been there ever since.
I've added Thursday & Sunday afternoons - when I went to pay him extra when I added Sunday, he wouldn't take it. I once asked him what happened if they had a wedding he allowed as how they'd be told the church was booked for the TOGA and said we were a lot less wear & tear on the facility, didn't use the sanctuary and left it cleaner than we arrived. In short, you guys are the easiest money we make all year!!

I'll be happy to assist as I can - Ive done the River Rat TOGA since 2001.
As Susan Mullis says, A TOGA is like a family reunion where you actually LIKE the folks! Always lotsa fun so just do it!!

The Captainette -
Cindy Peters, Stitches in Time 914 No High St, Lake City MN 55041

Please note:

Any of you who have upcoming Togas or similar events that would be of interest to Onions, send your listings to Helen Howes at: , just as you would any other Flea Market listing, and they will be posted on the TOGA PAGE, HERE. Some of these events are pretty far out on the timeline and arrangements are still being made, but just knowing what the plans are can help you plan for next year. Contact the sponsors for details.