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TOGAs for Beginners...

What to do/bring to a TOGA

There is a lot of curiosity about a TOGA**** among those who are coming for the first time.
I know I wanted a firm schedule and, perhaps, a contract before I came to my first one.
Cindy P. claims running a TOGA is like herding cats so if you, like me, are an anal person you will have to take a deep breath and relax.

What to bring.
Yourself, smiling and happy.
Machines you want to show off/work on.
Anything you need to support the first two items.
Machines/accessories that you wish to sell or trade. (or a wish list of things to buy)
If you forget anything to sew/mech on a machine, never fear! There are plenty of folks with supplies, and a helping hand!
If there is a raffle* something for the raffle table, usually quilting/sewing related but not always.
If there is a block exchange** you may bring blocks...not required.
If there is a fabric exchange*** you may bring fabric...not required.
Sewing related objects (that you have made) for 'Show and Tell'/'Bring and Brag'...not required.
If there is to be a potluck (and you live far away) ask the host if there is anything you can buy for the table.

Don't obsess over any of this as there will probably be plenty of everything. If you wish to obsess call or email the host and ask. Then relax.

About the TOGA schedule. That is a very flexible thing. It starts out on time and then, maybe, it runs long or no one shows up or everyone is late.
Stuff happens.
So if this is going to drive you absolutely bonkers...OH NO!
Almost always things will happen close to when they are scheduled and ALWAYS you will come away much more enlightened about sewing machines. Go with the flow.

There is (usually) no charge.
But you will be encouraged to buy raffle tickets (if there is a raffle to defray costs).
If it is a tiny TOGA then the host might ask for a donation to pay for any expenses. It is usually a minimal cost.

*Raffle. Items donated by you and all the other participants are put on a table, tickets are sold, you pick an item and it is yours to keep. Sometimes even sewing machines!
Raffles are run differently at each TOGA. Some pick your ticket and you pick from the table; others are where you put tickets in a bag and whomever ticket is pulled out, that item(s) are yours.
Not everything is quilt related. Miz Johnny sometimes brings her delicious home-made jam. I once won a box of small spray starch cans. There are knitting supplies, trims, etc. You never know what someone might want/need.

**Block exchange. 6.5 inch blocks, often signed and dated. Rules vary at each TOGA. Check yours.

***Fabric exchange. Some TOGA's have them. Rules will be in the Database for your TOGA.

**** Treadle On Gathering and Academy...

TOGA rules, Make Friends, Have Fun, Eat Well, Admire the Machines, Have Fun, Learn Something, Schmooze, and, oh yeah, Have More Fun.

(Written by Nancy Drew, who should know...)

LIST of TOGAs here, with dates and such

(One more important thing to remember -
Don't forget your clothes! There is a oft-told tale of one TOGAteer who brought her machines, tools, etc and left her suitcase of clothes at home! LOL
Di in TN)