Adjusting the Fit of a Vibrating Shuttle

At 10:19 PM 5/19/99 -0500, K. Ad wrote:

>Anybody have any idea which bobbin case is the right one for this machine.

>I've tried other similar bullet bobbin cases I have and none work. They all

>cut the thread or won't fit in the machine right.


I don't know if this would work in your situation, but it's helped me fit a

shuttle into a machine. The Boye replacement shuttles came with a little

piece of printed tissue paper wrapped around the shuttle (nowadays,

unfortunately, usually missing or so torn as to be unreadable). I had a

couple of these papers but had never really looked at them, assuming it was

advertising for Boye. <G> The paper has instructions for fitting a new

shuttle into a machine.

Apparently, sometimes the correct replacement shuttle will not fit into the

machine due to normal movement of the shuttle carrier as the old shuttle

gets worn. The Boye instructions state:

"IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: Slip shuttle in carrier and note carefully if it

fits too tight. If it does, turn back head of machine (see illustration

other side) and loosen screw A (my note: this is the large screw that

holds the shuttle carrier in place) and move carrier C (my note: the

shuttle carrier itself) back until shuttle fits loosely in carrier, having

sufficient play to permit thread to pass around prong D freely (my note:

the prong on the end of the shuttle carrier that holds the shuttle in

place). Then tighten screw A. This is invariably necessary as the carrier

works forward as old shuttle becomes worn traveling against (shuttle) race."

So if an original shuttle is very worn, chances are that the shuttle

carrier itself has worked its way forward against the race, possibly

preventing a new shuttle from fitting properly. After I *finally* read

this <G>, I managed to fit new shuttles into a couple of machines, using

the shuttle that was listed as being for that machine but that had fit too

tightly and wouldn't work (breaking thread or just jamming against the race).

As my Dad used to say, "If all else fails, read the directions!" :)

Sandy in Missouri