Modifying the Singer Professional Walking Foot

for Use on the Singer 31 Series Industrial Machines

A recent Treadle On thread concerned quilting with the Singer 31-15 or 31-20 industrial machines. These are wonderful, havy old industrials which show up on treadles from time to time. Unfortunately, they have a longer stroke than modern industrials. Singer makes a "Professional" even feed foot attachment that is truly superb, but it won't work on the 31's. Their long stroke lifts it completely off of the material, so any quilting has to be done either FM or with simply hand control on the regular foot... at least up until Ray Waganka showed us this modification. Here is the message and photos that Ray provided on this:

From: Ray Waganka <>
To: Treadle On <>
Sent: Wed, November 17, 2010 7:11:25 PM
Subject: [treadleon] Re: 31-15 foot

Hi Captain Dick. With the assistance of a Dremel tool and rotary abrasive
stone, I have modified a Singer "Professional" even feed foot attachment
so that it DOES WORK on my Singer 31-15's and 44-10. You simply remove the
plastic cover and then grind away a little portion of the swing arm so
that its upwar d travel is increased to the point where the entire even
feed foot no longer lifts completely off of the work. Then just remove a
tad more for good measure.
I have done this for at least a half dozen 31-15 owners with equal



Before alteration - Note "V" showing maximum arm throw.


Cover removed. "V" showing portion of body to be removed.




"V" indicates portion of body removed.



Reassembled walking foot. Note "V" showing maximum arm throw increased. The difference in the arm angle is not great... but it's enough.


Special thanks to Ray for sharing this. It should help folks with Singer 31's. I have used the Singer Professional walking foot on my Pfaff 134 for quilting for many years. The 134 is a clone of the 31, but with reverse added and the stroke standardized to other modern industrials.


Captain Dick