Extended Case for Singer Hand Crank Conversion


Many of us have converted older Singer electrics to hand cranks. After the conversion, we find they will no longer fit into their original arch top cases. Here is a presentation of a nice job of modifying an arch top case so that the hand crank conversion will fit. I was submitted by Cathy Tyler of Richmond, VA. The work was done by her father, Dave Schumaker.



My modified bentwood Singer case! My dad expanded the depth of the bottom and cutout and patched the right side of the top so that the case would accomodate my 1959 Spartan handcrank (equivalent to a Singer modell 99). I think the case is circa 1925-1950.


Pic 2
1959 Spartan converted to handcrank, in modified base.


Pic3View of inside of modified base - bottom was removed and replaced with approximately additional 1" of depth, and new plywood bottom.


This shows a view of the modified bentwood case top. To provide room for the handcrank, a hole was cut in the right end of the top, and them the entire end covered with a piece of plywood. You can see the base to the right. The original hand niche on the side was included and expanded when additional depth was added.


Here's a view of the closed case. The base and new side on the top were painted brown. Its not as obvious as this flash photo would indicate.