White Refinish Job

Doug Spriggs sent me some pictures of a White cabinet that he refinished. He did an outstanding job and I asked if he would be willing to have me post them here as an inspiration to others...


I'd be pleased to have you post the photos. I'm working with Guy Baker now
to id the model for sure. I also think it's an FR model but not positive.
All the photos I've been able to locate have ROTARY decaled on the head. If
you look close you'll notice the thread take up lever is missing and I also
need the bobbin case and bobbins which Guy may be able to help me with.

Notes on the cabinet restoration:
The old finish was removed with cabinet scrapers. The top of the extension
(veneer) was badly delaminated and chipped, I replaced it with new tiger oak
veneer and managed a reasonable match. A fair amount of regluing drawers
etc. was required. The finish is done with a super blond shellac french
polished. The base was nasty and surface rusted in places. I tried to find a
shop to sand blast it with no luck (I'm located rural coastal NC) so I power
washed it hand sanded the rust and sprayed it with gloss black enamel. It
took me about 1 month to complete working nights and weekends. I'm not sure
how many hours I have in it (LOTS) but it was a fun project, I really
enjoyed it.
My wife showed the photos to her friend who owns a badly neglected Red Eye
66 treadle, so guess what I got elected to do next?
Wonderful machines!


Hee is one shot of the finished treadle, closed. Oddly, I have this identical treadle, with a White VS in it, and also with the front lift panel missing.

Another shot, opened, apparently with different light.

Here is the real magic! Before and after... How many of us have perhaps passed up an old treadle with a finish as far gone as this one was? Exercise some patience and hard work and just look what can be done.

Here is the machine. It's a very interesting White. It appears to be an FR, but note the slide plate. Most FR's have the very large spring loaded plate that protrudes off to the side. This looks more like the plate on a Singer 15 or 66. Doug is seeking more info on this model.