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Treadleon Year End Show 2015 - Bags, Totes and The Like

Tissue holder and lavender bag made on 1915 Singer 66 for my Aunt's 100th birthday, she was born 1915
Betty from NZ

All machines used are Treadle Powered Industrials. In order Singer 42-5; Singer 16K33; Singer 31-15; Singer 21W180
Lee Copp

Boat Tote Gen for my wife Martha. #10 cotton duck and quilt fabric trim. Design by Me
1930 Singer 31-15 and 1905ish Singer 21W180 treadle powered industrials.. Spring 2014.
Industrial topstitching feet help keep rows of stitches parallel. Patterned trim was my first trip away from a more utilitarian bag form.
Lee Copp

Frontier Bag - Made to meet carry on requirements for Frontier Airlines. For my Father In Law, Fall 2014
Quilted #10 Canvas - design by me.
1930 Singer 31-15 and 1905ish Singer 21W180 treadle powered industrials.
Figuring out how to have a closed top was fun. I am very pleased with the quilted appearance. Straps are homemade 2" binding tape folded in half .. easy peasey. French Hems at the sides inspired by the Captains tutorial.
Lee Copp

Getta's Pattern Belle Tote Bag - for my wife Martha.
1930 Singer 31-15 and 1905ish Singer 21W180 treadle powered industrials. I picked up some new techniques with this bag. The dog print flannel inner bag still makes me smile. Includes 2 outside pockets (shown) as well as a through bag zippered pocket on the rear face. 3 open pockets on the interior. Industrial machines mean lots of layers in the top band and strap attachments are dead easy.
Lee Copp

Inspired by a Vera Bradley Bag made for Martha in summer 2015. Quilted on 1901 Singer 16k33, assembled on 1930 Singer 31-15 and 1952 Singer 42-5. The next edition will be about 25% bigger.
The diamond quilting gave me some quality time with my Singer 16k33 and my un-converted Singer Industrial Treadle with the domestic band wheel.
Lee Copp

(Ed note, Lee has Helpers...)

Quilted "Snap bags", whose top closure snaps shut/stays closed, by using recycled metal tape measure lengths in the casings.
Quilted and sewn on my 1950's Phoenix 249 German tailor's treadle.
Cheryl Pinkerton

Quilted 30's repro spool block tote, designed for my long acrylic rulers and portable cut-and-press mat. Pieced on my 1890's Eldredge B treadle, quilted on my 1950's Phoenix German tailor's treadle. I love sewing the "flippy corner" blocks (such as flying geese, snowballs, or these spool ends) on any VS machine...I can align the two diagonal points of my fabric squares along the left edge of the silver slide plate, using that long edge as a visual guide for sewing a no-mark diagonal line
Cheryl Pinkerton

Vinyl pet screen tote bag with vintage sewing machine-theme fabrics. Made and displayed on my Phoenix 249 German tailor's treadle. A winner at our county fair last summer!
Cheryl Pinkerton