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Treadleon Year End Show 2015 - Clothes and Costumes

For some silly reason I always think of quilts for the end of year photos but here are Christmas dresses I made for my girls on my 1873 American 1. They also wore them to visit Santa.
Suzanne in Virginia, USA

And here's the machine...

I made the Elsa costume entirely on my 1953 Singer 201 HC. Never again! Those sheer sparkly fabrics are miserable to work with. It was almost as much trouble as her mother's wedding gown. She loves it, though. The Frozen quilt was made on the same machine.
Kelly Pakes (See the Quilts page for more quilts from Kelly, and to see her machine)

This is a Kaylee (from the TV show Firefly) inspired costume, constructed using a White Rotary Treadle and a little hand stitching.
Robin in Seattle

A Mara Jade (from Star Wars) inspired costume also constructed on my White Rotary.
Robin in Seattle

This one takes a little bit of a description: It is an Art-Deco Animatronic Life-sized Ballerina Doll. Her name is: Herr Drosselmeyer's Doll. Based on what one of Herr Dosselmeyer's dolls (from the Nutcracker) might have looked years later, after being broken and forgotten.
Robin in Seattle

A grand-niece models her artist apron she got for Christmas. (Her new easel, canvas and paints are in the background.) The apron is made from a boy's cotton shirt. The bias tape edging and ties are made from the back of the shirt, the lower pockets are the shirt sleeves and the bottom addition is the yoke from the back. (I finished it around 9:30 Christmas eve night.) I told her I want to see lots of paint on it. My SIL and all 3 neices got aprons made from men's shirts with dust cloths and window cleaning cloths stuffed in the pockets to put on while doing their housekeeping chores.
They were sewn on a Willcox & Gibbs treadle chainstitcher SN 171370, from 1870. This is the one I flew to New Jersey to pick up and brought back on a plane in one large suitcase and my carryon. I love this little machine, and it sews so well.

And here she is...
Lisa in SW AR

Overalls and shirt. Made on Davis Treadle. . . my favorite lock stitch machine
Lisa in SW AR

Here is what I do on the old machines. I make clothes for reenactments for the Civil War era. These are not costumes but reproduction clothing using the old methods of that time period. Yes we had sewing machines in America at that time.
The first photo is of a day dress made on a Grover and Baker lock stitch. The second is a ball gown for the wife made on a Weed lock stitch. The green traveling dress and the gentlemen's frock coat, vest and paints made on a Wheeler and Wilson #8. The last photo is the wife and me in all our finery.
Men can sew . LOL

From Huntsville, AL
Rocket City, USA

This type of apron is very easy to make on a treadle, cannot remember the machine but the apron now belongs now to Judy Mason in Alturas Northern California, she is a member of TreadleOn
Also the other side, embroidery done on E machine, ideal embroidery for her I thought.
Betty in NZ