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Treadleon Year End Show 2016 - Clothes and Costumes

Dress made for my newest grand girl, Eleanor. The tucking was sewn on 1908 Singer 66 Lotus, the other part of the sewing, including ruffles and other decor was done on 1948 Singer 15-88 (schoolhouse base)
Judy Brown in So Cal

Pendleton Wool remnant made into a vest using a Singer Model 27

View of the machine while constructing the Pendleton Wool vest. Singer Model 27 1889.
Anne Graham in Los Osos California
Costume work! I really need to get better about taking pictures of my costumes but here are a few that I do have pictures of

Brown and black tactical corset (pattern made by me using a duct tape dummy, if you've never made one, tons of fun), screen accurate to the one worn by the character of Angel Dust in Deadpool, made for Emerald City Comic Con 2016. Made almost entirely on PP though there may have been a serger involved at some point. Made from canvas, cotton webbing and seat belts that I cut out of cars at the junk yard (the lengths costumers will go to in order to get something screen accurate)!

Green Dragon Lady costume, designed and patterned by myself. Materials are leather, cotton and whatever green scrap fabric I could find to make a rag skirt.

Denim corset made from old jeans (and yes those are the pockets from the back of jeans that I sewed on the front of the corset, because honestly, corsets should have pockets!). Custom corset pattern made for me by Tayliss Forge, corset with cotton and couteil.

My daughter in her reversible wrap pants, made from left over random cotton.

My sister (on the right) as Wonder Woman made from sateen, coutil, foam, rope, metal and other things I cannot remember. Made for Emerald City ComicCon 2016.

Robin in Seattle

This pair is two pieces of ladies wear - the grey is an overtunic, the pink is an undertunic, and yes, both worn at the same time - that is loosely based (rather than being historically accurate) on roughly 10th century Anglo-Saxon wear. They're made of linen, because we were going to the local medieval festival and wanted something that we wouldn't be sweltering in, but yet would keep us from getting sunburned.

This is the outfit that my husband wanted to wear for the same medieval faire, more of a fantasy styled monk than a historically accurate one. Both outfits were successful in preventing sunburns while still being breathable. Linen is awesome!

T P Suhr

The yoke of a dress with die-cut leaves appliques, sewn on Singer 66-1 treadle called 'Betsy'.

Sharon Wyper