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Treadleon Year End Show 2016 - Quilts

It's been a while since I've had anything to contribute...

The TOBE quilt dates from 2 TOBES quite a few years ago (2004 and 2010) - quilted on the 31K20 treadle.

This blue Swoon quilt (shown front, back, and detail) - top was sewn on my Pfaff 1471 (electric) and Singer 401M treadle. Quilted on my 31K20 treadle from 1917.

Elyse sewed her top on the Pfaff 1471 electric - as well as some straight stitch quilting. I quilted the feathers on my 31K20 treadle.

Hannah's baby quilt - instructions from the internet, but I can't remember where (didn't say how wide to cut the strips etc.
Paisley and feather quilting - developed my own motifs.
Pieced on Singer 401M treadle.
Quilted on Singer 31K20 treadle.

Dorothy in Oz (Dorothy Brinkmann - Australia)

Mauna a Wakea - This is from an original photo I took, just as the sun was setting, at the top of Mauna Kea on Hawaii Is. The shadow of the mountain was projected Eastward on the shoreline, clouds and sea below.
Wakea is the "Sky Father" in Hawaiian legend, and the mountain is sacred to him.

My Favorite Color - an abstract pieced from narrow strips cross-cut from pieced strip sets of striped fabrics. The title came from my best friend, who says my favorite color is "all of them".

Marguerite's Dream - fused applique using a technique of Denise Oyama Miller called "Broken Color", with free-motion embroidery and quilting.

Bright Elusive Butterfly - fused applique with free motion embroidery and quilting.

I completed these four small art quilts during 2016, and each one was either pieced, quilted or both, on my Singer 66-1 treadle.
Sue Kelly in Sebastopol California

Baby quilt made on my Singer 27 treadle

Front and back of same quilt here, at least some pieced and bound (I think) on the Singer 27 treadle.
Denise Kania in St Paul MN USA
Here are the three quilts I completed this year, they are all simple as I have only done one other one last year by following Capt Dick's instructions.

The little green with stars was done entirely on my Little Worker sewing machine while traveling.

The tumbler quilt in blues was done using a combination of my Wheeler and Wilson D9 shorty handcrank and my Singer 115 treadle.

The yellow, brown and black was using the Wheeler and Wilson D9 shorty handcrank and Singer 115 treadle.
Eileen Smith in Vancouver BC

River Rat 2016 Raffle Quilt in Progress
This one is me, Nancy Drew, Treadle Annie, Linda Aderholt, our talented Nancy Berkman who free motioned and finished it (back row) and her cousin, Mike Tinetti.

One of the tops that I pieced on my blue 3/4 15 clone treadle, Smurfette.
I do the piecing of the tops, then they go to Cindy Taintor - her church quilter's group or her Mom's in Nebraska then finishes them and sends them on to Lutheran World Relief - my favorite charity.

Cindy Peters in Lake City Minnesota

I make my living sewing on a treadle; it would be ridiculous to show everything, so I'm just showing one or two recent things - this is called Interpolations 9.
It's one of a series I'm working on, partly to honour my late wee brother, who liked such things, partly because my original Series (Trees!) now has more than 1000 pieces of all sizes from 1-1/2 inches to 9 feet tall, and it's time to have (some) new ideas.
Oakshott fabrics in black, white, and grey, with curved free-pieced inserts from a bunch of discontinued sample cards which arrived just at the start of the year..
Pieced largely on my Bernina-in-a-Singer treadle, assembled on the Singer 15 and quilted mostly on my tailed Bernina 730
Accepted for a big show in the UK in March this year (2017)

Helen Howes in Raveningham Norfolk UK