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Treadleon Year End Show 2015 - TOGAs and Other Gatherings

Though it is a 2014 TOGA, this is such a classic picture

Repairing a machine. My dog decided he might know better where the problem lies
Lisa in SW AR

Letting the neighbours play.
Betty in NZ
Lots of pictures from the Pacific North-West TOGA 2015, pretty much in random order

(From Eileen) - The photo of Carla which I have reattached is of interest (to me anyway) because she has sewn that big stack of blocks while flying and travelling on the little Singer model 20 that is just on the left of the picture. I think she travels a lot with her work.

Carla and Deborah with bag project

Captain Dick and followers

Captain demonstrates How

And more How


Heads for sale and Lynne with handcranks

Assorted Onions including the Mary and Mike Rust and Pat
Pretty much all these images from Eileen Smith, many thanks